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Course Content

Course Content

Brief of Indian Economy

  • Scope in export import business
  • Share of international trade in Indian economy
  • 1991 economic reform (Liberalization)
  • Commodities exported by India and Imported by India
  • India’s total export and Import
  • India’s top export destination countries
  • Foreign trade policy and Hand book procedure
  • India’s Share in international trade (Yearly Export and Import data from India)
  • Growth in international trade (Export and Import)

Technical Terms in Export and Import

  • HS code (by World custom organization)
  • CHA (Custom house agent) – Role of CHA, Contact to CHA, Assistance from CHA
  • IEC registration (Export-Import code) – Step by step procedure practically
  • Export Import company formation (Partnership or Proprietor) – Step by step procedure
  • RCMC registration (Registration cum membership certificate)
  • ATA carnet (Merchandise passport for product)
  • Re-Export trade

INCOTERMS 2020 (Responsibility of Buyer and Seller during export-import business)

  • Ex-works, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DPU, DAP, DDP

Payment Terms (To do safe Export-Import)

  • 100 % Advance (Telegraphic Transfer)
  • D/P or CAD
  • D/A
  • LC (Letter of Credit), Cycle for receiving letter of credit
  • Open credit
  • ESCROW (Payment through gateway)

Types of Ports (Selection and Utilization)

  • Sea Port
  • Air Port (Cargo handling)
  • ICD (Inland container depot)
  • CFS (Container freight station)
  • Factory stuffing
  • Land customs station

Types of Containers (20’, 40’ Dry and High cube container)

  • Standard Container
  • Open Top Container
  • Flat Rack Container
  • Platforms (Plate) Container
  • Ventilated Container
  • Refrigerated and insulated Container
  • Tank Container
  • Break bulk cargo
  • Air cargo container

Mode of Transportation (Worldwide)

  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Ocean carrier
  • Air carrier

Import Cycle

  • Why import is necessary?
  • Types of Importer
  • What to import?
  • Import opportunities in India
  • Import Procedure
  • Required Documents for Clearance
  • Import Quotation from CHA
  • Calculation of Import Duty (ICEGATE)
  • Express Release and Telex Release of Bill of lading
  • Bonded and Duty paid warehouses

High Sea Sales (HSS)

  • What is HSS?
  • Benefits of HSS
  • Documentation for HSS
  • Agreement

Export Cycle (Pre-Shipment and Post Shipment Process)

  • Types of Exporter
  • Issuing of necessary documents (IEC, RCMC, Company registration)
  • Selection of product
    • What to export?
    • Important parameter in product selection
  • Selection of market
    • Where to export?
    • Identification of right country to export your product
  • Identifying buyers
  • Generating inquiries
  • Quotation, Sampling and Negotiation
  • Proforma invoice or Sales contract
  • Payment terms
  • Production and packaging
    • Crates, Pallets, Jumbo bags, Food packaging, Drums and Bundles (As per the product)
  • LUT or GST claiming process
  • Custom clearance
  • Logistic arrangement
  • Claiming government benefits

EPCG Scheme (Export promotion of capital goods)

  • What is EPCG?
  • Rules and obligation of scheme
  • Benefits of scheme

Proforma Invoice or Sales Contract (Practical session)

Terms for shipping quotation

  • FCL
  • LCL
  • Volumetric weight calculation

Export Quotation (Practical session)

Online shipping quotation

Documents Movement in Export (Practical session)

  • Proforma Invoice (Exporter to Importer)
  • Purchase order (Importer to Exporter)
  • Remittance copy (By bank)
  • Purchase order-in case of merchandise export (Exporter to Manufacturer)
  • Quotation from CHA
  • Goods with proper packaging
  • Local transport arrangement
  • Tax invoice--in case of merchandise export (Manufacturer to Exporter)
  • E-way bill
  • Certificate (If necessary)
  • Pre-shipment invoice
  • Packing list
  • Advance cargo declaration
  • Bill of lading (CHA to Exporter)
  • Shipping bill (CHA to Exporter)
  • Measurement copy (CHA to Exporter)
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance copy
  • Commercial invoice (Exporter to Importer)
  • E-BRC (Bank realization certificate)

Export Benefits (By Government of India)

  • What is IGST, CGST and SGST?
  • 100% tax exemption on exported goods by
    • LUT (Letter of undertaking) – Without payment of GST
    • GSTR-1/1A (Table 6A) – Refund of GST after payment
  • Export Incentives
    • Duty remission scheme
      • Duty drawback
    • Duty exemption schemes
      • Advance authorization (AA)
      • Duty free import authorization (DFIA)
      • Export promotion of capital goods (EPCG)
    • Promotional measures
      • Remission of duties and taxes on exported products (RoDTEP)
      • Service export from India (SEIS)
      • Market development assistance (MDA)
      • Transport and Marketing assistance (TMA)
    • MoU (Memorandum of understanding) and FTA (Free trade agreement)
  • Pre-shipment and Post Shipment Finance
    • By bank
    • By financial Institute
    • By EXIM bank

Role of International & Indian Organization (Through Websites)

  • International Bodies
    • International chamber of commerce (ICC)
    • World trade organization (WTO)
    • Inter country chamber of commerce
    • Local chamber of commerce of targeted countries
    • ITC trade map
  • Indian Government Bodies
    • Ministry of commerce (MOC)
      • Export-Import statistics
    • Federation of Indian chamber of commerce and industries (FICCI)
    • Directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT)
    • Indian trade portal
    • Federation of Indian export organizations (FIEO)
    • Export promotion councils (EPC’s)
      • APEDA, MPEDA, Spice Boards, Rubber Board, Chemexcil etc…
    • Inspection council of India
    • India trade promotion organization (ITPO)

Buyer Finding (Practical Session)

  • International Market analysis by ITC trade map
  • B2G (Government Websites like EPC, FIEO, Indian trade portal)
  • B2B (Business to Business sites)
    • World’s top B2B sites
    • Effective profile creation
    • Lead management
    • Country wise B2B websites
    • Benefits to register with B2B platforms
  • B2C (Business to consumer Platforms)
    • Global B2C platforms (Amazon, Ebay etc.)
    • Registration
    • Selling
  • ITC Trade map
  • Foreign Government Websites
    • To find out the list of importer and important lead
  • Trade fair ( & Exhibitions
    • Visitors list
    • Exhibitors list
    • Buyers list
  • Company Website (Development assistance)
    • Study of competitors website
    • Keyword Planning
    • Meta keywords, Meta description
    • SEO base parameters
    • Google my business
    • Indexing of pages
  • Social Media Marketing
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc…
    • Social media Ad Marketing
    • Effective profile creation
    • Keywords to find buyers
    • Group joining
    • Group posting
    • Paid marketing
  • Google Tactics
    • IP Change
    • Google Maps
    • Google search with specific country language
  • Country wise Yellow Pages
    • To find out area wise vendors and importers
  • Country wise Trade Directories
    • To get data regarding county wise manufacturer, supplier and importer
  • Intercountry Chamber of Commerce
  • Trade Associations
  • Indian Embassy
    • List of Indian embassies abroad
    • Mail format to get help regarding importer, Important government directories and websites
    • Mail format to get help regarding trust worthiness of importer or exporter
  • Trade Agents
    • How to find trade agent in targeted country
    • Advantages of trade agents
    • Sharing with trade agents

Export Insurance

  • Goods insurance (Marine insurance)
  • Credit insurance
  • Types of insurance policies
  • Process of claim and settlement

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

  • Forward contract (hedging method)
  • Exchange earners foreign currency account (EEFC)
  • Debt recovery agencies
  • ECGC (Export credit guarantee corporation of India)

Role of ECGC (Export credit guarantee corporation)

  • What is ECGC?
  • Risk covered by ECGC
  • Types of policy by ECGC
  • Insurance claim process
  • Mira inform, D&B ratings (Customer credit checking agencies)

Product Inspection

  • Need of inspection
  • Government agencies
  • Third party inspection
  • Labs and offices

Presentation of Product Internationally

  • Brochure design
  • Post design
  • Content design

Effective Email Marketing (Email drafting, Email software)

Effective Communication (International Calling)

Genuinity of Buyer’s

Design Thinking Tree

Buyer’s etiquette

Convocation Ceremony

Support After Completion of Course

  • Participant can attend any batch in future to repeat the course (No Additional Fees)
  • Lifetime assistance regarding queries
  • 24*7 live support from team
  • Assistance till 1st successful export or import
  • All PPT’s and Important links (Lifetime Useful)
  • Latest update on Export and Import
  • Course completion certificate with participant’s name

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